Monday, 30 September 2013

Bento #84 ~ Kero, Kero, Keroppi!

Monday is always BLUE for me! Lol! And today I'm oversleep again :P Left about 20 minutes for me and my brain is empty without any idea @.@  Luckily I still have some green egg sheets in the fridge, so last minute decided to make this Keroppi for the girls. When time is not enough, cutters and picks are my best friends :D I use round and oval shapes cutters to cut out the shapes of Keroppi. Eyes are cheese and nori and I use small scissors to cut out the 'V' shape mouth. Lastly dabbed some ketchup on the cheeks. 

In the bento, there are streaked bacon and cheese sandwiches and some grapes too ^_^

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bento #83 ~ Miffy

Today's bento theme is Miffy, one of Big E's favourite! I love Miffy too, and it is quite simple to do as it does not have much details.

Miffy is made of onigiri, free hand moulded the shape. Add nori for the details and imitation crabstick for the dress.

In the bento, there are bread crumbed salmon, seafood beancurd and chikuwa.

Hope you like this Miffy too :D

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bento #82 ~ Little Red Riding Hood

This bento was Little A's dinner. Lately she loves to read the story of Little Red Riding Hood. So I made this theme for her. She was so happy when she saw the bento and immediately she ate up all the teeth of the wolf. She said "Mummy you see I ate all the teeth, the wolf cannot eat little red riding hood anymore! Lol! My cute Little A always full of imagination ^_^

Little red riding hood is made from rice onigiri, with nori and cheese for the details. I use red colour wax paper for the red hood. The sneaky fox is inari (beancurd skin) wrapped with braised chicken and potato. Some broccoli and sweet corns for her too.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Bento #81 ~ Spongebob

This bento is done on last Saturday for Little A's teabreak. Normally weekends will try to make bento for Little A since she seldom bring bento to school. So I've made one of her favourite cartoon character ~ Spongebob ^_^

Spongebob is made from cheese (BBQ flavour), eyes are cheddar cheese with blue egg sheet, mouth is nori and cheese. The cheek and nose, I'm using my balance egg sheet with dabs of ketchup on the cheek.

In the bento, there are sandwiches with cheese spread and some grapes. Simple with all her favourites :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tutorial ~ Little Girl Onigiri

Today, I'm sharing the tutorial for the little girl with two piggytails that I've done for my niece on last week. Make it again for Little A's dinner with the help of Big E, saw her hands? Hehe...and she was so happy and told Little A that dinner was prepared by her. Lol!

Here is the tutorial:-

Ingredients : Rice, egg sheets, nori (seaweed), cling wrap, ketchup, spaghetti, picks, small scissors, tweezer and cheese (forgot to take photo) :P

Using cling wrap to wrap the rice ball, you can make whatever size that you like. Since this is for Little A, I'm making a smaller size of rice ball.

Place an egg sheet on the rice ball and fix the position using spaghetti.

Next, fold the egg sheet into half, using a knife to cut the egg sheet. Be careful, do not cut off the egg sheet.

Roll the egg sheet.

Using picks to fix the position of the egg sheet on the rice ball.

Cut out the details using small scissors and place them on the rice ball.

Cut two small circle from the cheese and place them on the eyes. Add the eyelashes too

 Lastly, dab some ketchup on the cheeks.

And here is the completed little girl onigiri ^_^

I transformed the little girl to a little princess by adding a crown pick for her and a black gown using nori. The black gown was inspired by Samantha Lee. Check it out her great ideas at 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Bento #80 ~ Pretty Girl Bento

Today's bento is specially made for my niece. She is having her UPSR (Primary 6) exam today. The exam last for three days. Instead of exam theme bento, I made a pretty girl with two pigtails for my pretty niece. And I added a small victory hand sign pick for her to encourage her :)

Pretty girl is made of onigiri, egg sheet for the hair and pigtails, nori and cheese for the details. And lastly dabbed some ketchup for the cheeks. I made this pretty girl before in bread version. Click here to see the bento.

In the bento, there are gyozas, seafood beancurds, chikuwa, sausages and grapes.

Good luck dear! ^_^

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bento #79 ~ Say Hi to Candy Candy, 小甜甜!

Today, I'm making my favourite childhood comic's character, Candy Candy (小甜甜). I love this novel very much. Loves the story, loves the pretty and cute Candy, handsome Anthony and Terry. Loves everything in Candy Candy. So today I'm making Candy again, I've made it on last year too :)

Candy is made from ham, egg sheet, imitation crabstick and nori. In the box, there are air-fried vege-pork, sausages and egg 

And here she is, my favourite Candy! ^_^

A closer look of Candy....

This is what I made on last year :)

Monday, 2 September 2013

Bento #78 ~ Little Bears in Bee Costumes

Oversleep is always happening on me :P Lately even worse as I'm watching drama serial until late night. Must kick away this bad habit huh :P 
So this bento was done within 15 minutes including of cooking and decoration. Wake up late and what I've planned to do cannot be done :( No choice, quickly cook some gyozas for the girls. While waiting for the gyozas to cook, I molded the rice into two rice balls, on top of it add another small rice ball for the nose. Add nori for the eyes and nose. Next, add inari (beancurd skin) for the bee costumes. Use spaghetti and nori to wrapped some rice for the antennas. Lastly dabbed some ketchup on the cheeks. And not to forget to add in the gyozas and grapes. Phew! Luckily managed to take some photos before Big E left for school :)

And here is my simple bear with bee costumes! Hope you'll like it! Cheers! :D