Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bento #97 ~ Let It Snow!

Today making a simple snacks for Little A. I'm making snow flakes and two Santa bears :) 

Simple ingredients for this bento, only bread, cheese and imitation crabstick. I used two different bread, charcoal bread and white bread to make. Bears are cheddar cheese and bbq flavored cheese. Imitation crabsticks for the hats and ribbons. Simple and easy bento for my little girl.

Big E saw the bento and said "mummy, why your snow flakes so neat? Hahaha :P

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bento #96 ~ Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer!

Another one month is Christmas! Christmas mood is on! ^_^ I love Christmas more than any other festivals. So I've started to make Christmas bento ^_^ This bento was last Sunday's dinner for the girls. I've made Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

Reindeer is made of rice wrapped in inari, cherry tomato for the nose, sausages for the antlers and ears, cheese and nori for the details.

A closer look of the reindeers......

In another box, there are teriyaki meatballs, corns, brocolli, strawberries and baby bell pepper that I love to eat. So that is meant for me :D I've carved a Christmas tree on the apple and add some cute reindeer picks in the box. Of course this two boxes of food is not enough for my girls, they have additional dishes for their dinner ^_^

Monday, 18 November 2013

Bento #95 ~ The Little Ladybug

Little A's story books always give me lots of inspirations. I love to transform these storybooks into bento especially those that Little A's currently reads, she will be very excited with all these storybook bento :)

As we currently are reading on The Grouchy Ladybug from Eric Carle, I've made this little ladybug for Little A's dinner. Little A always complain about the grouchy ladybug, so when I told her I'm going to make it for her dinner, she remind me to make the kind ladybug instead of the grouchy ladybug ..... :D

Ladybug is made of rice mixed with tomato sauce and nori. The antennae are uncooked spaghetti and corn. In the bento, there are honey soy chicken, air-fried meatballs, broccoli and sweet corns. All are Little A's favourites :)

Bento#94 ~ Happy Onigiri

Lately have been slow with my blogging.....:P This happy onigiri was made on last week for Big E and my niece. Simple Onigiri in inari with nori for the details. Decorating gel for the cheeks and add cute picks for them. In the bento, there are strawberries and air-fried meatballs, which is currently Big E favourite, she can have it everyday :)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bento #93 ~ Piglet

Always wanted to make Piglet and today finally make my first Piglet bento. Love this cute little pink piglet :)

I mixed the rice with some sakura denbu. The nose is kamaboko and the wordings are cut out from cheese. Details are nori. Today side dishes is teriyaki meatballs, prepared by Big E. She followed the recipe that I wrote for her and finished all the steps by her own. Big E is so happy with her meatballs and even told me that her meatballs taste even nicer than mine! Hahaha....

Monday, 11 November 2013

Bento #92 ~ Big Pig On A Dig

Little A has the habit of reading her favourite books repeatedly every night. So today, I'm making her favourite book, Big Pig On A Dig. We have a whole series of the books but we have repeated this story for five days till Big E and I are bored with it....Hopefully we can change something different tonight.....hehe.

Big Pig is made of ham, cheese and nori and lastly a dabbed of decorating gel on the cheeks. The soil is scramble eggs. In the bento, there are cheese and ham sandwiches, strawberries and chocolate in the small container.

Little A is so happy when she saw the Big Pig but she said "Mummy, why only Big Pig? What about Big Pig friends?" :S

A closer look of Big Pig.....

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bento #91 ~ Two Silly doggies

Two silly doggies for Little A, this idea suddenly popped out in my mind when I'm thinking what to do for Little A's snack.

The doggies are made from bread with her favourite filling, pork floss. Ears and nose are bread skin, the bone is bread skin too with cheese wordings. Eyes and mouth are cheese and nori. Add two cute cap picks for the doggies :)

Other than bread, there are some crackers for her too.

A closer look of the silly dogs.....:)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Bento #90 ~ Little Cheburashka

Oh my, how times files it's already November! These few days, I'm not making any bento as they are off for Deepavali. Today I'm sharing another bento that I've done three weeks ago but forgot to post :P

I've made Cheburashka. I love this cute little creature, so making it again. Little A asked what animal is this? Monkey? Actually me too don't know what is it but it did looks like monkey, right? Hehe......

Cheburashka is made from ham, egg sheet, cheese and nori.

In the bento, there are egg mayo sandwiches, potato korokke and grapes.

 A closer look of the cute little Cheburashka :)

Have a great weekend! Cheers! ^_^