Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Bento #110 ~ Hello Kitty and Usahana ~

This bento was done on last few days, so sorry for the late post as lately have been busy with the office works.....

I made Usahana and Hello Kitty for Big E. Usahana is made from egg sheet, blue ear and eyes are cheese with a little bit of Wilton colour spray, pink ear is kamoboko and the mouth is carrot.

Whereas, Hello Kitty is egg sheet, crabstick, nori and cheese.

Underneath is spam sandwiches with cucumber and some strawberries.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bento #109 ~ Happy Kitten on the Moon ~

Today I make a happy kitten on the moon for Big E. There is no special reason why I make this theme as I have limited ingredients in my fridge and I hope to finish all in this bento :)

Happy kitten is made from onigiri wrapped in nori. I left a small piece of nori with lots of punched holes, so I cut and paste the nori on the worried not enough to paste! LOL! The eyes are the balance egg white from the hard boiled egg which I used the egg yolk to make the moon. 

In the bento, there are air fried salmon marinated in Shio Koji and strawberries.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bento #108 ~ ShiShi, The Sneezing Panda

As per mentioned earlier in my previous post of the Moshi Monsters bento, I made another character for Big E to bring to school. I did flip thru her Moshi guide book and came across this panda which I find it quite easy to make :)

ShiShi, the sneezing panda is made of hanpen (Japanese fishcake) with nori and kamaboko for the details.

In the bento, there are hard boiled egg with mayo and air fried vege meatballs too.

And of course, Big E was so excited to bring this bento to school and share with her friends which are Moshi Monsters fans too ^_^

Monday, 17 February 2014

Bento #107 ~ Pooh Bear ~

Today I make a Pooh bear for my girl. I bought some ready made printed nori long ago, so decided to use it before it expired.......hehe. A easier and convenient way to decorate the bento ^_^. I make another Pooh bear using hard boiled egg.

In the bento, there are seaweed pork roll and cheese pork roll, recipe is from Bento,Monsters. Love her creations ^_^

Add some kiwi and strawberries to complete the meal.

 A closer look of the Pooh Bear....

And here is how the nori pack looks like :D

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bento #106 ~ Valentine's doggie

Hmm......Valentine's day is around the corner. Love is in the air! So I'm making this puppy with love letter. I love the look of the puppy, innocent and sweet. 

Simple bento for Little A. Bread with fish floss, kiwi and fishballs.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dinner ~ Honey, the funny bunny from the Moshi Monsters

Hi everyone! I'm back from my Chinese New Year break!

Sharing a food art done on last week for Big E's dinner. Big E is a big fan of Moshi Monsters, she is crazy with all these Moshlings and even has the collection of the figurines! Suppose to make it for school bento but due to mummy still cannot wake up at 5.30am therefore it end up become dinner........Lol! I make Honey the funny bunny, one of the Moshlings for her *actually I only know this character, the rest I got no idea how they look like! Lol! 

Honey is rice with nori, crabsticks, cheese and color gel for the details. Honey is holding a money sack which is made from beancurd skin (ready made frozen food which can be found in the supermarket during Chinese New Year).

We had tempura prawns and steamboats for dinner! After dinner, Big E gave me a Moshlings Guide Book, a book full of Moshling characters. She said "mummy you can see here for other Moshling characters for the next bento!".......Oh No! >.<