Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bento #14 ~ Alarm Clock ~

Ring.............wake up lo! Time for school! This is what mummy will says everyday ^_^ My girl request to sleep at 10pm instead of 9pm as she wants to watch the 9pm drama serial. Okay, mummy agreed provided she can wake up at 6.30am without any delay and so far so good. Today make a cute alarm clock for the girls to remind them to wake up early.

The alarm clock is made of bread, pink egg sheet for the frame, nori and crabstick for the eyes and mouth. Two bento with two different sandwich fillings as my niece doesn't like salmon mayo so I replace cheese for her bento. Some strawberries, cherry tomatoes, sandwich rolls, sausages and cheese cube to complete the bento.

Forgot to take photo for another bento but anyway both looks the same. 

Cheers and have a nice day! :D

Monday, 25 February 2013

Bento #13 ~ Bread Flowers in the Bento ~

Since my girl loves the bread flowers that i make last Saturday, today I make the bread flowers again for my girl and my niece. I'm sure my niece will loves the bread flower as she is a cheese lover. She loves anything with cheese. A simple bento for them with strawberries and tomatoes. Decorated the bread flowers with ladybugs and bees picks. ^_^

~ Bread Flower ~

Last Saturday, a lazy and hot afternoon, my girls request for some afternoon snacks. I tried another tutorial from Bento,monsters and I simplified the steps (actually is mum lazy to follow....hahaha :P).  I tried a few different types of fillings with tuna, ham, salmon mayo and top with mozzarella cheese. Put all the ingredients and bake it in the oven till the color of the bread turns brown. It is simple and yummy and they love it! Yeah, another new menu for the girls bento! 

One of the bread flowers turns too dark maybe because the heat of my oven is uneven and this special dark flower goes into my tummy! Hehe ^_^

A closer look of the yummy bread flower :D

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bento #12 ~ Two Little Cute Mice

Oh no, today i'm late! Mummy overslept! :P Instead of wake up at 5.30am I wake up at 5.47am! Oh no what a rush morning for me to get ready before 6.30am whereas i got no idea what to make! Luckily i remembered the night before i saw this cute mouse at Bento,Monsters, u can get the tutorial here Mouse tutorial It is very easy and cute ^_^

In the bento, there are rice with cheese and furikake, tamago with pork floss and some grapes. Hopefully it is enough for them :P

A closer look on the mice......

Have a great day ahead! ^_^

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bento #11 ~ Keroppi ~ The Cute Little Green Frog

Today make the cute little green frog ~ Keroppi. Got this idea when i saw my girl sling bag with all the cute Sanrio characters and this cute green frog capture my interest to make him in the bento. The keroppi is made from egg sheet with a drop of food colouring. In the bento, we have sandwiches with fried egg and cheese, I use the balance cheese from making the Keroppi. Instead of eating the balance cheese by myself it is better to fried them with egg and pack in the bento. Yeah! I'm save from eating the leftover.......hahaha! :P

Hi! My name is Keroppi, the cute little green frog :D

Monday, 18 February 2013

Bento #10 ~ Miffy and Friend

After a long Chinese New Year break, back to school again! Have not been making any kyaraben bento for the girls for quite some times. Everyday just whipped some food, pack and that's it! Hahaha.....sound so lazy ya :P After this Chinese New Year holidays, should be able to have more time for bento making ^_^ Today's bento theme Miffy and friend, a fast and simple bento. In the bento, there are 2 big onigiri for the girls with nuggets, strawberries and grapes.

A closer look of the bento...........

Enjoy and have a nice day! :D