Monday, 25 March 2013

Bento #26 ~ Sushi Roll

The girls start their one week of school holidays, so one week break for me, no bentos :D But I'll try out some recipes during this holiday so that they will have new menu in their bento. :) Last Saturday, I'm practicing on the sushi roll and it turns out very well. Will try out the futomaki and character sushi as I hope can add this in their bento. 

Tried out using pork floss filling and color furikake but the colors turns out not very good, guess that I've put too little of the color furikake :P The girls prefer those with pork floss fillings :)

And here is the simple sushi that I've make ^_^

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bento #25 ~ Little Bugs Bento ~

This bento is done on last Saturday afternoon for Little A tea-break. Make this two cute bugs for Little A. Actually they are two cute millipedes poking out from the flowers. Little A loves to step on the millipede at our garden, sounds so disgusting right?! She is not afraid of these bugs and insects. Whereas, mummy is more afraid of these bugs and insects :P

So, today make two cute millipedes for her. She saw the bento and ask me what is this?? I told her it's millipedes. She said so cute the millipedes, different with our garden millipedes.......hahaha :D

Simple sandwiches with strawberries jam and cheese and her favourite grapes. The millipedes is made of cheese and nori. 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Bento #24 ~ Simple Sandwiches by Little A ~

Again my Little A request for bento to bring to school. This time she is the designer for the bento, she choose the sandwich cutter, bento box, picks and even the foods to bring! I helped her on stamping the bread and spreading her favourite strawberries jam. Too rush, should have taken a photo during her bento making. 

And this is the simple bento by my Little A! :D

Bento #23 ~ Three Little Bears ~

It's Monday again! Another busy week for me cause hubby is away for business trip.........Start the week with three little bears bento for my elder girl (Big E) and niece. Make three little bears with three different eyes patterns. Little bears is made from inari with rice and pork floss fillings. Complete the bento with two flavored tamagoyaki, pork floss and nori and I've packed another box of strawberries for the girls to share (not in the picture).

A closer look of the bears......

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bento#22 ~ Little Bumble Bees ~

After my little girl (Little A) brought her first bento to school and happily finished everything. She can't wait for her second bento. But since her school serves a varieties of different food during tea break so bento will only made for her when the menu of the day is not her favorites. 

Today make bumble bees for Little A, with her favorites cheese bread and lots of grapes and strawberries.

She is so happy bringing her bento to school. Love to see the happiness on her face when she saw the bento :D

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bento #21 ~ Easter Bunny With Its Easter Eggs ~

Easter is just around the corner, so today make an Easter theme bento ~ Easter Bunny with A Basket of Easter Eggs :) Easter bunny is rice onigiri with salmon fillings, the basket is the flower bread that I've done before with cheese and ham fillings. Dye two quail eggs with natural colourings and decorate with cute little star sweets to make it looks like Easter eggs. Some grapes and tomato to complete the bento.

And here is my little Easter bunny with its basket of Easter eggs! :D

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bento #20 ~ Two Happy Onigiri ~

Today's bento, suppose to make mother and son onigiri. But after see the photo, it seems that the mum looks more like a small girl :S So, just named it as two happy onigiri ^_^

For me, onigiri is the most easiest to do in the morning. Simply add in the filling and mould it to triangle, round or any shapes that you like :) In the bento, onigiri with furikake and pork floss fillings, homemade fried cheesy meatballs and plenty of grapes and strawberries. Got the cheesy meatball recipe from the website, done some adjustment on the seasonings and it is really yummy. Will sort out the recipe and post it later. :D

Cheers and have a nice day!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Bento#19 ~ My Little Girl First Bento To School ~

Today is a special day for me, my little girl first time bringing bento to school. Yesterday night my little girl saw my bento books and she told me "mummy I want bento". Huh? Bento? You want to bring bento to school? And she replied "yes". So today make a simple bento with her favorites cheese with bread, grapes and strawberries and a pack of princess cookies. What will happen to this bento? Will she eat in the school?? Mummy is so curious with the outcome........:P If she eats she definitely will start with grapes as this is her favorites :)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bento #18 - A Lazy Bento ~

Today's bento, a lazy bento from mum. Where mum is totally lazy to think of any kyaraben bento. Three inari sushi, two nuggets, seaweed tamago and kiwi for my two big eater. Decorate with some picks and a big bee for them. Simple and easy ^_^

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bento #17 ~ Little Bunny Bento

Today no bento for the girls, once a week they will buy food from canteen. So that's mum rest day. :D This little bunny bento is done on last Sunday, dinner for my little girl. Suppose to make a doggie for her but end up look like a bunny :S My little girl loves this bunny and she kept it last to eat. :)

Simple bunny with cheese in it, stir-fried broccoli with scallops, steam garlic chicken and corn soup for dinner.

And here is the bunny! 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Funbites Giveaway By Bento Makes Me Happy

Good news for all bento lovers! Bento Makes Me Happy is having the Funbites Giveaway! Visit Bento Makes Me Happy for more information!

Good luck! ^_^

Bento #16 ~ Little Cheburashka ~

Every Monday, is a rush morning for me where my girl has assembly at 7am and she has to go school earlier 15min than the usual time. But the problem is mummy wake up at the usual time 5.30am, should have wake up earlier 15min too so that I will have ample of time to prepare bento. Got to quit the habit of sleeping late...........

Today's bento, I make this cute little creature, Cheburashka. First time saw this little creature in a japanese magazine. I find it very cute but doesn't know its name. Took quite some times only manage to find its name, Cheburashka a Russian cult classic cartoon character.

Cheburashka is made of egg sheet with a little bit of dark soya sauce. In the bento, they have rice with pork floss in between, fried potato prawns, flower sausages and cherry tomatoes.

And this is how it looks like :D

Friday, 1 March 2013

Bento #15 ~ Flowers Lunch Bento

As the girls need to stay for Chinese class on every Friday until 2.30pm, I got to prepare lunch bento for them. ....Bought two new stainless steel thermal lunch box for them. Nice Hello Kitty thermal lunch box that I love, hmmm.........seems that I am more excited than the girls. :D Collecting bento box is my hobby too, hehe :P

Today's lunch I spent too much time on the cooking end up not much time to decorate the bento. So just decorate with some egg sheet flowers. In the bento, there are rice with cheese and furikake in between, teriyaki scallops, stir-fried tomato with eggs, some chikuwa, bear fish cakes and cherry tomatoes.

Love my new thermal lunch box....hehe :P