Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lambie, Doc McStuffins

Not making any bento today, sharing a breakfast that I made for Little A on last Saturday. I made one of her favourite cartoon character, Lambie from Doc McStuffins. She was very happy when she saw the Lambie and said mummy next time make Doc McStuffin! >.<

Lambie is bread with butter and sugar, the woolly fur on the head is pork floss. Pink ribbon and ears are kamaboko (Japanese fish cake) and details are nori. I use cheese to make some flowers and lastly add some grapes, cranberries and raisins for her too ^_^

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bento #89 ~ BOO! From Pooh!

Since another two days is Halloween, so today continue with Halloween theme bento again, hehe......

BOO from Pooh bear! Pooh bear is made from quail egg with nori for the details. 

Today's menu, fried noodles, air-fried bread-crumbed salmon and potato korokke. 

A closer look of the Pooh bear. Does it looks like a Pooh ghost? :)

Monday, 28 October 2013

Bento #88 ~ Cute Little Ghost

Hello, it's Monday again! Me is late again.....hahaha! I'm consider a "regular oversleeper" (*shy). But luckily not oversleep until my girl late for school but just late for my bento making. So today's bento is also a very rush bento, I only left 20 mins to complete everything from cooking to arranging. Phew! Luckily finished it on time :P

Today, I make a cute little ghost for Big E. Actually wanted to make more complex details for the ghost but no time for it so keep for next round. Hehe.....

Rice onigiri for the cute little ghost, with carrot for the hat, nori and imitation crabstick for the details, not to forget dabbing a little ketchup on the cheeks :)

Today's dishes we have Japanese Potato Salad and Potato Salad Pork Roll. Recipes from Just One Cookbook Love her recipes, it is easy and tasty and most important my kids love it! Do check it out her blog ^_^

And here is my cute little ghost :)

The Japanese Potato Salad that we love ^_^

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bento #87 ~ Halloween Bear

Hi, I'm back with my bento-ing! We had a great family trip to Macau / Hongkong and of course we will not missed out the kids favourite, Disneyland ^_^

Today's bento is my first Halloween bento of this year. Actually I've not plan to make any Halloween bento as we don't celebrate Halloween and the girls have not much interest on it. But this has changed after we are back from Disneyland. With all the Halloween theme in the park, the girls seems delighted to see it. I will post some of the photos that I've snapped in Disneyland at the bottom of this post.

Back to bento, I've make Halloween bear using rice mixed with colored furikake, sausage for the ear and nori for the details. The hat is made from nori and cheese. The bear is holding a pumpkin deco ring :)

 A closer look of the Halloween bear.......

In another box, there are gyoza and bread crumbed salmon decorate with some Halloween picks.

And here is some of the photos that I took in Disneyland, Hongkong.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Bento #86 ~ Autumn Bears

Yesterday night, while I'm looking at my bento boxes, thinking what to use for today's bento.....Big E saw my wooden bento box and asked "mummy, why not tomorrow use this box?" I paused for awhile to reply her, I'm quite reluctant to let her bring to school....... so worried she will spoil it :P Maybe Big E knows my worries, she said "mummy, don't worry I will take care your precious box." Ok, then shall bring this bento box to school. :)

Today I've make two cute bears playing peekaboo in this Autumn season. How I wish my place here have four seasons too.......

The bears are made from mashed potato mixed with some butter, salt and pepper. Hand molded the shape, a bit dry and the bears crack.....:(
The leaves are egg sheets and carrot using cutter to cut out the shape.

In the bento, there are honey soy chicken, pan-fried hanpen and a pack of furikake.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bento #85 ~ Hello Kitty Sandwich

Yesterday, I've bought a new Hello Kitty sandwich maker, love this sandwich maker so much :) With cute outlook and of course the cute Hello Kitty imprint. Hmm......seems that mummy is more excited than the girls. Lol! And today's bento is definitely Hello Kitty sandwiches! :D

In the bento, there are sandwiches with scramble eggs and pork floss fillings, sweet corn and some air-fried potato wedges with cheesy mayo in the small Hello Kitty container.

And this is how the Hello Kitty sandwich maker looks like. Cute right? Hehe ^_^