Friday, 30 August 2013

Bento #77 ~ National Day Bento

Today's bento is to celebrate our Malaysia Independence Day which falls on 31st August. Yesterday chats with Little A regarding our National Day and she told me quite a lot of it. Happy to hear that she learns alot in the school. And this also give me the idea to make a National Day bento for her to bring to school. Making bento for her is very challenging for me, as she has a very limited choices of food. Today I gave her a chance to becomes my little helper to decorate the bento and she is very happy :D

The national flag is butter and cheese sandwich decorates with blueberries, strawberries jam and cheese. Flower made from egg sheet and some grapes in the bento.

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Hopefully tomorrow will have time to make another version of national day bento :D

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bento #76 ~ Two Little Owls ~

Lately I've been busy with my works, pardon me for my late post. Today's bento was done on Monday. I use sweet buns to make two little owls for the girls. This is very easy where everyone can do it. Here are the steps:-
Two small buns
Cheese - light and darker color (for the eyes, beak and feets)
Blueberry (cut into halves for the eyes)
Wholemeal bread skin (for the outer parts of the eyes) *you may replace with darker tone cheese

1) Use baking sheet to draw out semi circle and place it on the bun. Follow the shape and cut out the skin of the bun. Tear the skin gently.
2) Use the bun skin to cut two oval shapes for the head part. Use scissors to cut a small hole on the bun and insert the bun skin.
3) Use 2 different size of circle cutters to cut the eyes. (you may use mineral bottle cover to cut) The bigger circle is cut from wholemeal bread skin and the smaller circle is cheese. Place them on the bread and lastly place the blueberry on top.

4) Cut a triangle shape from the darker color cheese for the beak and zig zag shapes for the feets. 

That's it! Quick and easy! :)

And here are the cute little owls! ^_^

Monday, 26 August 2013

Bento #75 ~ Little Bunny for My Little Girl ~

This was done on last Saturday for Little A's dinner inspired by Big E new phone casing :) She bought a new phone casing with a big bunny behind the casing. The bunny is so cute that Little A told me that she wants it too. make one cute bunny for her and she was so happy with it.

Bunny is made of rice, hand molded the shape with fish sausage, cheese and nori for the details. I added a basket of vege and carrots for her. Basket is made of fried pork wrapped with egg sheets and nori for the details. Decorate with some blanched broccoli and carrots.

Little A said "Mummy, I love the bunny and the big carrot!" Basket become carrot?! Hahaha :D

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bento #74 ~ Three Little Bears ~

This bento was done on Monday for Little A. Rules for Little A's bento got to be simple with all favourite foods and her choices are not much....bread with jam / cheese and fruits >.< 

I made three cute little bears for her. Bears are made of bread skin. I use the cutter to cut out the shape and add nori for the details. Lastly decorate with cute picks. 

Show Little A the bento before she left for school. She asked "mummy, where is the Goldilock?" Oh no, she thought I'm making Goldilock and the Three Bears! No choice, end up I replied "Goldilock has run away when she saw the bears! Lol! :P

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bento #73 ~ Anpanman Onigiri

I've not tried to make Anpanman before. Hmm.....this is my first time. In fact, I've bought a set of Anpanman cutters for quite some times but till now I've not use it before :P Shall use the cutter and make some sandwiches for Little A :)  

I made three different expressions of, no, no, should be four, the smaller size is made of fishball. Anpanman are rice onigiri mixed with some ketchup. Details are imitation crabstick and nori.

In another bento box, there are air-fried belly pork roll with seaweed, Fuzhou fishballs and grapes.

A closer look of the Anpanman ^_^

 And the cute little Anpanman :D

Monday, 19 August 2013

Bento #72 ~ Mama Hen and the Little Chicks

Start school again and start bento-ing again. The kids had a very enjoyable holidays. But for me is more tired than school time....hahaha.

Today's sharing is what I made on last Saturday for Little A's dinner. Happy mama hen and the little chicks :)
Mama hen is made of hard-boiled egg with imitation crabsticks for the apron, corn for the mouth and nori for the eyes. The wings are also slice of hard-boiled eggs. Baby chicks are rice mixed with mashed egg yolk. Details are nori and dabbed some ketchup for the cheeks.

In the bento, there are air-fried belly pork roll with seaweed, broccolli and grapes.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Bento #71 ~ My Neighbor Totoro ~

Hmm....making Totoro again :P This was made on last Saturday for Little A's tea break. I've took some picture of the making process. Hope it helps for the beginner ^_^

Below is the tutorial:-

Here is the ingredients : Bread (I use carrot bread), nori, quail eggs, puncher, tweezer and scissors.

Place the bento box on the bread and press out the shape so that it fits into the bento box.

Add the fillings and place the bread in the bento box.

Cut the quail egg in to half and cut a V shape for the ear of the little Totoro. Add nori for the black eyes.

Use the cutter to cut the balance of the quail egg for the eyes of Big Totoro. You may use bigger size of straw for this. Add nori for the black eyes (forgot to take photo :P)

Use the same cutter, place on the cheese to press out the shape for the dust bunnies. 

Next, place the cheese on the nori and cut out the shape.

I use the balance quail eggs for the eyes (white part). You may replace it with cheese.

Use puncher to punch out the eyes (black part). You may free hand cut it out the shape too.

Arrange them in the bento box.

Free hand cut out the whiskers.

Finally, arrange all in the box. ^_^

Hope you'll like this simple tutorial :D

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bento #70 ~ Little girl in bunny costume ~

Today's bento theme was a last minute decision because mummy is overslept again....hehe. Left half an hour for me to cook and prepare the bento. to whipped something fast and easy. Cooked some gyoza and sausages for the girls. I mixed some sakura denbu on the rice for the pink bunny, hand moulded the shape and place it in the box. Phew! Finished it just in time! Hmm.....but it seems that the portion is a bit too small for my big eater :P

We are gonna start our two weeks Hari Raya break and school holidays on next Monday. Hmm...time for me to get some rest. I'll still make lunch bento during weekends. :D