Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bento #69 ~ Little Bees Bento

Lately I'm very busy with my work, have been slow down on bento making.......This cute little bees was done on last Saturday for their tea break. Made some pancakes for the girls and transformed the pancake to cute little bees :)

Pack a bento for Little A too, for her to have before our sunset mass in the church.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Bento #68 ~ Cherry Deco Sushi ~

Last Saturday, I tried to make deco sushi. Hmm......turns out a bit out of shape and messy. Big E said "mummy, you should turn it the other way so that it looks like two eyes with a mouth >.<

Cherry sushi with fish sausages as cherry and nori for the stems.

And here is my sushi. It's fun! Will try out other deco sushi :)

Bento #67 ~ Little Chicks Bento ~

Forgot to post this bento. This was done on last week in conjunction of the new book from Hippomum. I'm a big fan of her and definitely would not miss her new book ^_^ Tried out one of her new recipe -fried noodles with bread. It's yummy and most important thing is easy to cook for a lazy cook like me! Hahaha......

I've add two little chicks on the noodles. Dye one of the chick with brown sugar, hmmm......turns out the color a bit too dark. Sun tanned chicks! :D Some grapes and sweet corn to complete the meal! 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bento #66 ~ Rilakkuma ~

Today I make Rilakkuma for the girls. They love inari sushi, should be because the sweetness of inari. Today is also my niece Primary 6 UPSR trial test, hope she can do well in the exam :)

Simple bento with inari sushi for the Rilakkuma, details are nori and carrot. In another box, there are nuggets, corn croquette and blueberries.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Bento #65 ~ Hello Kitty in One Piece

This was Saturday dinner for Little A. I have been wanted to make Hello Kitty in One Piece for long time but keep on postponing :P.......Finally made it on last Saturday. 

Hello Kitty is made of rice onigiri. Mixed some rice with sakura denbu for the hat and hand molded the shape. Imitation crabstick for the red ribbon and details are nori and corn.

Simple bento with corn croquette, nuggets, grilled pork belly and not to forget her favourite grapes. Serve with a bowl of hot corn soup. :)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bento #64 ~ Minions On The Wraps ~

Hmm....lately Minions seems very HOT in the town even in bentos too. Minions on the rice, on the eggs, on the bread, Minions everywhere. Me too gonna join in the fun :D I make simple Minions on the wraps. Minions is made of cheese and nori.

In the wraps, there are pineapple ham, scramble eggs and cheese. Add some grapes and a box of mayo for them too :)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bento #63 ~ Fruity Kids ~

Today I'm using my new bento box for the girls. They are sharing this bento and the theme is fruity kids. I'm using rice to make different shapes of fruit. Apple and orange are rice mixed with tomato sauce whereas banana is mixed with egg yolk. Details are cheese, nori, carrot and vege. 

In another box, I packed grilled pork with asparagus in teriyaki sauce, tamagoyaki, hard boiled egg, lots of grapes and mini tangerine.

Happy Fruity Kids :D

Monday, 15 July 2013

Lunch ~ Snail Sushi

Last Saturday, I made some sushi for Little A.....I transformed the sushi to little snail by adding cheese as the snail head. Details are nori and toasted spaghetti. Decorate the plate with blanched broccoli as the tree with a snail crawling on the tree and another two follow. Sprinkle some furikake as the ground. Imitation crabstick as the sun and flower, cheese for the cloud. 

Little A loves it and finish everything! :D

A closer look of the snails ^_^

Friday, 12 July 2013

Bento #62 ~ Pooh Bear And The Bees ~

TGIF! Phew......finally can have a good rest. This week was such a busy week for me......busy with my work. These few days I've not pack any kyaraben bento for the girls, just whipped some foods and pack that's it! :P

Today I make Pooh bear and the bees bento for the girls. They are made of cheese and nori. Free hand cut the details. In the bento, there are pan-seared salmon, onigiri with furikake and pork floss fillings, eggs and some grapes!

Have a great weekend! :D 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bento #61 ~ Two Little Bears ~

The girls like the mashed potato bear that I made for their Saturday lunch. So I'm making bear again for their bento :) Mashed potato with some butter and salt, hand mold the shape with nori for the details. Underneath the bear is a layer of nori and rice with furikake.

In the bento, there are sweet corn, corn croquette, grilled pork roll with chikuwa and some blueberries.

 Can you imagine this is for their morning school break not for lunch @.@ Lol!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Bento #60 ~ Little Bear on the Baked Pasta

This is for my girls lunch on last Saturday. I cooked some baked pasta for the girls so thought of decorate the pasta with little bear.Little bear is made of mashed potato. Hand mold the bear shape. Details are nori. Wanted to make the bear holding a balloon but due to the weight of the grape the balloon cannot stand so change it to a flag. I added some food colouring on the balance mashed potato for the flowers.

Little A couldn't bear to eat the little bear and keep it....end up it goes into Big E tummy! Lol!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Bento #59 ~ Pink Bunny Sushi

Today's bento I make some pink bunny sushi for Big E. Big E had diarrhea for the past three days, have been running to the toilets. Luckily she has recovered. Yesterday she requested sushi for her bento. So I thought of making this pink bunny sushi for her :)

I mixed part of the rice with sakura denbu for the pink bunny. Wrapped each sushi separately and arrange them on top of the white rice and wrapped altogether. Add nori for the details. Nothing much for the today's side dishes, mainly all steam food. ^_^

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bento #58 ~ Little Girl Bento

This bento is done on last Saturday for Little A tea break. As usual, I'll pack some food for Little A before we go to church. Little A requested for a girl bento. Hmm......this give me the idea of making a little girl with hair tied up in two buns. 

The little girl is bread with strawberry jam and egg sheet for the hair. Details are nori and dabbed some strawberry jam for the cheeks. Add some grapes and decorate with some flower and butterfly picks. That's it! Simple bento with all her favourites! :D

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bento #57 ~ Despicable Me 2 ~

Last Saturday Big E watched Despicable Me and told me she wants to watch Despicable Me 2....Okay shall bring you go :) She told me the story and how cute is the Minion and wanted a bento of it. But mummy really got no idea of this movie, even dunno how the Minion looks like......Hmm so outdated ya :P What to do?? Got to look for the photo from the web and make one for her :)

Minion is made from egg sheet and nori. Simple bento with scramble eggs sandwich, sweet corn, blanched broccoli and a tangerine.

Here is the Minion! :D

Monday, 1 July 2013

Bento #56 ~ Totoro and Friends ~

This bento was done on last Saturday for Big E and Little A's lunch. Big E bought a Totoro plush toy and she is so happy that request for a Totoro lunch. I was following the Totoro plush toy for the making of Totoro bento and didn't realise that the Totoro plush toy does not have whiskers. So end up my Totoro also no whiskers. Lol! I only realised after the photo shooting and it was too late cos they have start eating it @.@ Told Big E about the missing whiskers, luckily she reply "for me it looks the same, still looks like Totoro" 

I mix some sesame powder on the rice to make the color of Totoro. Eyes are cheese and nori. In another bento box, I use half of a hard boiled to make another white Totoro and wrapped the rice with nori for the dust bunny. Serve with fried chicken, carrot tamagoyaki and a bowl of hot vege fish soup.

And here is my Totoro without whiskers :P

And Big E's favourite Totoro plush toy :)