Friday, 25 April 2014

Bento #123 ~ Baby Pooh in the egg?

Big E requested for cold somen to bring to school. Ah, that is pretty easy for me, just have to cook the somen and mix the sauce! Fast and easy! Since I still have some time, I made a baby pooh using mashed potato and place the baby Pooh in the hard-boiled egg as eggshell! Big E saw the bento and asked "mummy, how come the baby Pooh is in the egg shell? I replied "mummy, also don't know....hahaha".

Packed the bento in my favourite Japanese doll bento box! :D

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bento #122 ~ Pooh in Bunny Costume!

Sharing my Easter bento here. A bit late....:P

I made Pooh in bunny costume. I mixed some yellow furikake in the rice for the Pooh. Shape it using cling wrap and add nori for the details. Ketchup for the mouth and color gel for the bunny's cheek.

Simple bento with gyoza, sausages, eggs and grapes.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Dinner ~ Little Girl with Gigantic Lollipop!

Sharing a food art that I made on last week for Little A's dinner. This idea was inspired by Little A, my little girl who loves lollipop very much. Loves to see how she enjoyed her lollipop and her favourite lollipop is Chupa Chups. Whenever she sees it, she will request mummy to buy for her. Of course, once awhile mummy will buy for her, as I think that every kids should enjoy the feel of licking the lollipop! Lol!

Okay back to foodart....that night we had chicken rice for dinner. So the girl was made from chicken rice, nori for the hair and imitation crabsticks for the ribbon, fried fish fillet for the tops and broccoli for the skirts. The gigantic lollipop was cheese with imitation crabsticks, underneath was chicken fillet.

And this is how the girl looks like!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bento #121 ~ Bunny, Bunny, Bunnies Everywhere

Late post again :P Too busy to write blog......Hopefully will have more time for myself.......

Sharing a bento which I made on last week. I made bunnies, it was my first Easter theme bento for this year.

Made three cute little onigiri bunnies, as usual, added nori for the details and cute picks for them too! Lastly add some color gel for their cheeks! Simple bento with air-fried salmon and tempura prawns. And not to forget to add some strawberries to complete the meal ^_^

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lunch ~ Totoro!

Sharing last Sunday dinner for Little A. She requested Totoro for her dinner. Ah! that is good, I love request where I do not need to crack my brain for ideas (but provided the request is within my capabilities, don't give me those which I do not know where to start! Lol!)

Totoro is rice with nori and cheese. Air-fried spaghetti for the whiskers. Dust bunnies are meatballs, nori and cheese.

We had carrot soup and air fried salmon for dinner.

Totoro is holding balloons! ^_^

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Breakfast ~ My Melody in Strawberries Costume ~

Not making any bento today. But I make some pancakes and soy milk for Big E's breakfast. 

I use strawberries and apple to make My Melody in strawberries costume.Got to know this idea from youtube "How to make "Strawberry Men" introduced by a good friend of mine Kwbentodiary who is an expert bento blogger. Do check it out on her blog for more bento ideas.

I wanted to add a flower on the strawberry but times up no time for it :( Will make it again.....

Big E loves to drink soy milk and that is why we will have homemade soy milk at least twice a week. I mixed some black beans and black sesame powder into soy milk and I love the taste. Do try it out if you have soy maker at home which is very convenient and nutritious.

And here is our breakfast, enjoy!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bento #120 ~ Koala's March

Do you love Koala's March cookies? I love it very much...In fact, we love it very much. Yesterday, I bought 2 packs of strawberry flavored Koala's March for my girls and this give me the idea of making it into my bento.

I drew the koala on the baking sheet and place it on top of nori and cut it out the shape. Lastly place the nori on top of barbecue flavored cheese. In the bento, there are egg mayo sandwiches, strawberries and lots of Koala's March cookies.....heheh

A closer look of the Koala....