Monday, 21 April 2014

Dinner ~ Little Girl with Gigantic Lollipop!

Sharing a food art that I made on last week for Little A's dinner. This idea was inspired by Little A, my little girl who loves lollipop very much. Loves to see how she enjoyed her lollipop and her favourite lollipop is Chupa Chups. Whenever she sees it, she will request mummy to buy for her. Of course, once awhile mummy will buy for her, as I think that every kids should enjoy the feel of licking the lollipop! Lol!

Okay back to foodart....that night we had chicken rice for dinner. So the girl was made from chicken rice, nori for the hair and imitation crabsticks for the ribbon, fried fish fillet for the tops and broccoli for the skirts. The gigantic lollipop was cheese with imitation crabsticks, underneath was chicken fillet.

And this is how the girl looks like!

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  1. Very cute! My daughter also loves lollipops!