Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bento #09 ~ Little Bear in the Garden

Today's bento theme ~little bear playing in the garden. Only one bento for the girls to share, hmm......mummy is so lazy ya :P Should have made two bears for them so that each can have one bear. The bear is made of quail egg, I mould it when it is still hot so that it looks round. In the box, there are cheese and ham sandwiches, Loacker mini and a box of grapes and strawberries. 

A closer look of the little bear.........

Have a great day! ^_^

Friday, 25 January 2013

Bento #08 ~ Simple Mickey & Minnie Sandwich

Another bento done yesterday for my little girl afternoon tea break at home, Mickey and Minnie sandwich. I'm making some simple bento for my little girl to let her get use with it as I plan to let her bring bento to school soon but worried she does not eat the food. Hmm....she is very hard to predict so better do some training at home before start bringing to school :)

Start with her favourite food bread with butter, kiwi and raisins and a cup of ginseng chrysanthemum tea in the Minnie cup. And she finished all! ^_^

Bento #07 ~ LOVE . Penguins

Yesterday was a public holiday. We stay at home enjoyed playing, reading and cycling. :) I made lunch bentos for my kids. And the theme is penguins in love. My little girl first time having lunch in the bento box, she is so excited and I love her "wah" expression when she saw the bento. :) We have teriyaki chicken, fried tomato eggs, carrot and corn soup, strawberries and a glass of ginseng chrysanthemum tea for lunch.

Here is the picture of their lunch........

A closer look of the penguins........

And this is my little girl with her bento, she loves the penguins and can't bear to eat them. End up my elder girl ate up all the penguins....hahaha

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bento #06 ~ My Melody and Hello Kitty Bento

Busy, busy, busy, everyday is so busy........busy with works and busy with my little girl especially she is not feeling well these few days.... :(  Have not been making any bento since last Wednesday, feel so upset when my elder girl wake up in the morning and said no bento again?? So, today wake up early and make these two bentos for them, my girl is so happy when she saw the bento :)

Today's bento, My Melody and Hello Kitty sandwiches using egg sheet with a drop of food colouring and cheese. In the bento, we have fried egg sandwiches, flower shape jelly cake, strawberry and chikuwa.

My Melody Bento........

And Hello Kitty bento........

Hope they enjoy the bento! ^_^

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bento #05 ~ Two Little Hedgehogs ~

Start my busy day with two princess hedgehogs. Princess or prince? Mmmm........whatever la. Hahaha! The idea came from a bento blogger, i modify and transform them to princess ^_^  The hedgehog is made of egg sheet and quail egg, pretty easy to do it. Beneath the hedgehog is rice burger with lots of salmon teriyaki. In the bento, we have two sticks of sausages, pork floss tamagoyaki, pumpkin and chikuwa. A big bento for the girls! Hehe......

This is for my girl....... :)

And this is for my niece.....Actually both bentos are the same.........hehehe

Enjoy and have a nice day! ^_^

Monday, 14 January 2013

400th Post Giveaway by Bento, Monsters

Good news by Bento, Monsters! Awesome giveaways from Bento, Monsters, please check out her blog Bento, Monsters 400th Post Giveaway for more details.

Cheers and Good Luck to all of us! :D

Bento #04 ~ 10 Min Speedy Bento ~

It's been four days no bento for the girls and they've start complaining, so sorry my dear...... not to disappointed them, today make a speedy bento using Elmo and Pooh bento box which I've bought quite sometimes but haven't use yet, hmmm........looks like still got many bento boxes haven't use yet :P

I think this bento box is much more suitable for my little girl cause it is really too small for my big eater....hahaha. In the bento, make some cheese and ham sandwich rolls, Loacker mini, cheese cube and some marshmallows. And lastly decorate with a Hello Kitty ^_^

Monday, 7 January 2013

Bento #03 ~ Smiley Kids ~

It's Monday again! Today I make two smiley face hope that the kids will be happy when they see the bento. In the bento, we have two onigiri with teriyaki salmon filling, two cheese nuggets and some grapes. The hair of the smiley kid is pork floss. Simple and yummy! :P

Bento for my girl and my niece ^_^

Friday, 4 January 2013

Bento #02 ~ Simple Onigiri Bento ~

Today the girls requested for rice bento. Oh no, rice bento is so rush for me cos i only have 45 minutes to prepare. And worse is my little girl wake up early this morning, so no kyaraben bento just simple onigiri with pork floss and furikake, tamagoyaki, cocktail sausages and some grapes. I just decorate it with cute picks and baran to make the bento looks more cute. Hehe...That's it! Mmm.....looks more like lunch bento rather than tea break! Hahaha! 

Weekend is coming, enjoy and have a nice weekend! :D

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bento #01 ~ First day of School ~

Yohoo! First day of school but raining day a bit inconvenience lo. A very rush morning for me and I think I still need to do some adjustment......Today make 2 speedy bento for my girl and my niece using CutezCute to make the kitty sandwiches. First time using Cutezcute cutter, very convenient and easy to use. The kitty is made of BBQ flavoured cheese, nori and crabstick. And in the bento, we have sandwiches with fried egg, some strawberries, kiwi and corn. Hopefully is enough for them. They have big appetite just like me! Haha.......

I've make two same bentos so they no need to choose both are the same.....hehehe

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

~ The Start of My Blog ~

First day of year 2013, a very auspicious day to start my blog. Hahaha......Start a new year with my new blog. Setting up this blog is just to jot down or keep a record for every bento that I've made ^_^
Tomorrow will be the first day of school for my girls, and my elder girl will start morning session with her cousin sister Valerie, to prepare 2 bentos. Hopefully can wake up early to prepare the bentos for them to bring to school. Hehe.......As for my little girl, will try to make a bento for her upon request because I'm still dunno whether she will eat the bento in the school?? :S Got to testing 1,2 3......Hahaha.

A nutritious and yummy bento is always what I aim for! So gambateh for a bright new year! Feel free to dropby my blog to comment and share ideas together! Cheers! :D