Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bento #105 ~ Chinese New Year Bunny

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I've made a bunny taking two tangerines. Hmm.....looks like the bunny is going to 拜年 ^_^

Bunny is onigiri with nori for the details, cheese for the teeth and color gel for the cheeks. I've made a red hat for the bunny using tomato and cheese. The initial plan does not have the hat but after finished making I decided to add a hat for the bunny :P

In the bento, there are meatballs in teriyaki sauce, gyoza, fried beancurd and chikuwa.

Here is the bunny without the red hat, which one do you prefer? Hehe......

A closer look of the bunny......

I wish everyone here a Happy and Prosperous New Year! :D

Bento #104 ~ Little Pony

I've been slow on blogging lately......This few weeks I'm really too busy with my work and house chores, hardly have time for bento too......:(

This bento was done on last week, little pony for the coming Year of Horse. The little pony was made from fish cake, egg sheet and nori. Pork floss for the mane.

In the bento, there are air-fried vege pork balls, egg rolls and strawberies.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bento #103 ~ Piyo Piyo

It will make my day when someone tells me he/she misses my bento. And this happened when my niece told her mum she misses my bento :) This year my niece is in Sec 1 afternoon session, this make me very difficult to make bento for her, worried the food turns bad as I make the bento early at 6am but her break is at 3.30pm.

Not to disappoint her, I think I''ll try to make for her whenever I can. So today I make this simple sandwiches with bak kwa (Chinese salty-sweet dried meat) and fruits for her, should be able to stay good until afternoon.

Decorate the sandwiches with Piyo Piyo, cute little ducks that the girls love.

Piyo Piyo is made of egg sheets, carrot and nori.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

~ Breakfast ~

This year, Big E starts to have schooling from Sunday to Thursday. Feel so weird to have school on Sunday but no choice......

So after sending Big E to school, I prepare breakfast......Hmm...normally Little A will wake up late and I feel so nice to have my little own time without a little "parrot" talking non stop beside me! Lol! :P

Below are two breakfast that I've prepared for the past two weeks.

The first one ~ Hello Kitty, breakie for myself 

Using my Hello Kitty waffle maker to toast the bread, some scramble eggs, ham and fruits

Another breakie - We are buddies!

Inspired by my pyjamas :P Since I'm going out with my buddies on the same day so give me the idea of making this buddy bears.

The bears are bread skin sandwiches with cheese and butter. Strawberries and grapes for the dresses. Simple ingredients for Little A :)

Hope you'll like it too! ^_^

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bento #102 ~ My Melody

Ah, Sanrio character again! Hehe......Today I've made My Melody's bento for Big E. My Melody is one of my favourite Sanrio character. Love her cuteness and sweet looks ^_^

My Melody is rice mixed with sakura denbu. The face is hanpen with nori and cheese for the details and the ribbon is imitation crabstick.

Today's menu, air-fried meatballs and strawberries. The air-fried meatballs are my girls all time favourite and I love to make this for my girls as I can add many different vegetables in the meatballs. 

The flowers are made from balance hanpen and imitation crabsticks using flower cutter.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Bento #101 ~ Cinnamoroll

Always wanted to make Cinnamoroll, finally I've make my first Cinnamoroll :) Big E was so delighted! 

Hand molded the Cinnamoroll, added the details with nori, sausages and colour pen. 

In the bento, there are braised chicken with potato, fishball, sweet corn and strawberries!

A bit too small portion for my big eater...hahaha

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Bento #100 ~ Cony and Moon from LINE

Wow, wow, wow! Happy New Year! Welcome 2014! How times flies today is the first anniversary for my blog. Hehehe..... First day of new year, Big E starts her school too, she is in Primary 5 this year. Weird to start school on the first day of new year but Big E is happy to go to school, she can't wait to meet her classmates ^_^

Today, I make Cony and Moon from LINE, Big E's favourite apps. As usual, hand molded the shape of onigiri. I wrapped teriyaki chicken fillet with mayo in the onigiri, which currently is Big E's favourite ways to eat onigiri :) Wordings are cheese on imitation crabsticks. In another box, I added in the balance teriyaki chicken with mayo in the container, baby bell pepper and grapes.