Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Bento #99 ~ Christmas Pandas ~

Today is Christmas Eve, yesterday I made this Christmas pandas for the girls. Simple and fast bento as the pandas are using rice mould to make with nori for the details. Using imitation crabsticks to make the hats and scarfs for the panda.

I'm using dim sum basket which I bought quite long ago. Love the feel! In the box, there are pork roll with mushroom in teriyaki sauce, tamagoyaki and blanched broccoli.

Have a Blessed Christmas! Cheers! :D

Friday, 20 December 2013

Baking time!

School holiday is gonna end in another 11 days. I'm more busier during holidays, other than the usual routine, we have lots of activities during this holiday. One of the activities we had is baking. Big E always wanted to learn baking. Initially, I planned to let her attend the baking class during the school holiday but as the baking class is more on group class for younger kids so we decided to have it at home! 

In fact, mummy is not an expert on baking, so we started with steamed moist cake where the steps are much more easier. The girls enjoyed it very much and they are so happy with the results. I tasted the cake, it is quite hard but maybe it is wholly made by themselves they find it tasty! Hahaha!

And this is the result! Beautiful cake, right?! Hehe....Little A wanted to add all my toppers on the cake @.@

Hopefully we can have another round of baking before school open

Monday, 2 December 2013

Bento #98 ~ Birthday Bento

Late post again :P This bento was specially made for my sister's birthday!

Last Friday, was my sister's birthday so I planned to make a birthday bento for her. Actually last year, I did make a birthday bento for her too....but too bad she was not in town and this surprise bento ends up gone to Big E's tummy...hehe. So this year, I make this birthday bento again and this round I make sure my sis is in town :D

I make a happy little girl holding a present. Big E asked me "Is this little girl me? I'm holding the present to give yiyi?" I replied "No, that's MUMMY holding the present" then Big E said "Mummy?? Mummy looks so cute?" LOL

Little girl is rice mixed with some ketchup. Hand moulded the shape. Hair is cheese and nori. The present is rice molded in cube added a cute flower pick and imitation crabsticks for the ribbon.

 A closer look of the little girl ^_^

 In another box, there are gyozas, fried meatballs, some tomaotoes and baby bell pepper.

Have a view of my last year birthday bento for my dearest sis!