Monday, 31 March 2014

Bento #119 ~ Snoopy and Friends

Today, I make Snoopy, Charlie Brown and his sister Sally. Initial planned, there is another Woodstock onigiri but due to the time is very rush I couldn't make it. So only three of them. Hopefully one day I can finish all the Peanuts characters in one bento box :D

The three characters are onigiri, so the Snoopy is round too...heheh. I mixed some light soy sauce in the rice for Charlie and Sally. Add nori for the details and chicken floss for Sally's hair.

In the bento, there are grilled salmon, honey soy sauce drumettes and strawberries. 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bento #118 ~ My Melody

We are still in the holiday week so I'm not making any bento. Today, I'm sharing a bento which I made two weeks ago. I remember it was a last minute decision to make this My Melody.....sometimes I really lazy to think what to do for tomorrow bento. So the best way is to make their all time favourite, My Melody. 

My Melody is made of rice and egg sheet mixed with some food colouring. Add nori, imitation crabsticks and cheese for the details.

In the bento, there are gyozas, sausages and strawberries.

Simple bento hope you'll like it! :D

Friday, 21 March 2014

~ Afternoon break, Little Kitties Bread ~

Last Saturday, I made two little kitties for Little A's tea break. The kitties were made from wheat germs bread, with spaghetti strips for the whiskers and nori for the details. I filled the baking cups with some grapes and place the kitty on top of it. Both of them were holding fishes which are organic cookies.

Simple tea break for my little girl!

We have started our one week school holidays which is so precious for us! Hopefully will have time to make some food art! :D

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Foodart ~ Little Bunny

I'm sharing what I made on last Sunday for Little A's lunch. I make a little bunny holding a carrot.

Bunny is made of mashed potato, added some butter in it and molded the shape. Add nori and color gel for the details. Simple bunny that makes my little girl so happy :D

Serve the bunny on top of the rice surrounded by lots of broccoli. We had stewed chicken and corn soup too. ^_^

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bento #117 ~ Pochacco

Today's bento is in my do-list queuing for quite sometimes but until today only I manage to do it.....hehehe.

I make Pochacco, one of the Sanrio character. I love this cute little doggie and I find it looks like Bob Dog too :)

I trace the character on a baking sheet then place the seaweed on top and use a small scissors to cut it out. Lastly place it nicely on the cheese, underneath is wholemeal bread with fried egg and mayo. I DIY made a Pochacco pick to match today's bento theme ^_^

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Bento #116 ~ Olaf, Frozen

Today, Big E starts her three days exam and then follow by a week of holidays. Yeah, can't wait for the school holidays! :P The girls love to watch Frozen and they can watch everyday. So I thought of making Olaf for Big E on the first day of exam as an encouragement and surprise for her.

Argh, but last night, I didn't slept well. I don't know is it because I'm so worried that I'll wake up late or not enough time to make Olaf for her, I wake up every hour and at the end I start doing my bento at 5am! @.@

So, I've ample of time to fried the hanpen (Japanese fish cake) to make Olaf, air-fried the vege-meatballs and fried egg. Everything went so smooth and I manage to finished it at 6.15am

Big E saw the Olaf and she was so happy. She kept on asking me not to shake the bento bag so that Olaf will not become messy when she reached school. Lol!

Olaf : Hanpen (Japanese fish cake), seaweed, carrot

Friday, 14 March 2014

Bento #115 ~ Hello Kitty

Lately Big E is crazy with Japanese curry. She can have it everyday! Lol!

So last week, she requested to bring Japanese curry to school. I bought a Hello Kitty thermo quite sometimes so thinking to match with the thermo, I used Hello Kitty mould to make two Hello Kitty onigiri. Add imitation crabsticks, nori and corn for the details. Simple and fastest way to do in the morning ^_^ 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bento #114 ~ Poko, the Milky boy

I always love to eat milk candy, and that is how I get to know Peko and Poko, the Milky couples and I love them very much...haha!

I remembered I made Peko,  the Milky girl somewhere in October 2012.....How time flies, it is already one year plus.....So this time I make Poko, the Milky boy ^_^

Poko is made from ham, I sprayed some colour spray to make the blue hat. Nori and ketchup for the details and cheese for the shirt.

In the bento, there are triple layer sandwich with ham, egg and mayo. Add a sweet corn, some grapes and strawberries to complete the meal. And a sweet treat for Big E, a cute Peko lollipop!

And here is Poko!

A closer look of Poko

And this is Peko,which I made in year 2012......

Monday, 10 March 2014

~ Loving Bears ~

This was yesterday's lunch for Little A. I used mashed potato to make two loving bears sitting on top of air-fried salmon as the bench. One of the bear is holding balloons :)

Cooked some tomato pasta with blanched broccoli and a bowl of fruits for Little A. All are her favorites! But at the end, she didn't ate the bears, she said "kesian" (pity) to eat the bears. So the bear goes into mummy!

A closer look of the bears ^_^

Friday, 7 March 2014

Bento #113 ~ Mamegoma ~

This bento was done few days ago, I made Mamegoma for Big E.

I sprayed some Wilton color spray on top of cheese to get the blue patch. The rest is nori and color gel for the cheek.

In the box, there are air-fried seaweed pork rolls, grapes and strawberries.

Hope you'll like it and have a great weekend! :D

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bento #112 ~ Rilakkuma ~

Late post again, posting the bento that I made on last week.

I made Rilakkuma for Big E, initially planned to make other character using meatballs but mummy woke up late again......Ah! When can I change the habit of sleeping late?? I think it is very difficult for me.....hehe

I used mince meats to make the shape of Rilakkuma which is much more easier for me where I can finish it within 20 minutes. A friend asked me "how do you finished the bento within 20 minutes?" Thanks to the high technology of the kitchen gadget where I can finished everything on time. I washed the rice the night before and set the rice cooker to cook at 4.00am. Minced and marinated the meat overnight too. First thing in the morning, shape the meat and throw them in the air-fryer, set timer to cook in 12min. In the meantime, I fried the tamogoyaki, so when the meatball is cooked, I just have to put everything in the box. That's it! This is what I usually do in the morning when time is so limited. ^_^

Simple bento with Rilakkuma meatball, seaweed tamagoyaki and some strawberries for my girl.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Bento #111 ~ Sakura Bento

Today, I packed a bento for myself....hehe. I named it Sakura Bento. 

I bought a pack of dried preserved sakura flower quite long ago. It is packed in a packet of 10 flowers. Got to use it fast before it expired :P The preserved sakura flowers taste a bit sour, just like sour plum...haha.

I made sushi with the sakura flowers on top. Using my precious bento box which was my last year birthday gift from my sister. Hardly let my girl use it, worried she might spoil it :P

In the bento, there are dashi tamago, steamed prawns, baby pepper and strawberries.

 I pack the bento box in my favourite furoshiki. It's beautiful right? Hehe.....
Hmm....but I think got to practise more on tying the furoshiki, looks a bit messy........