Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bento #38 ~ My Melody Bento ~

Yesterday I cooked cheese baked rice for the girls but too bad didn't manage to take photo cause last minute Little A wake up and cry @.@ and Big E is going to school, so in a rush just pack and go :( The girls love the cheese baked rice, will make again and post the photo :)

Today, I make My Melody using egg sheet with a drop of food colouring and cheese. Underneath is fried rice with luncheon meat wrapped in the fried egg. Some scallop beancurd, chikuwa and strawberries to complete the bento.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bento #37 ~ Doraemon Bento ~

Today I make Doraemon for the girls. Doraemon is made of air-fried meat patty, details are cheese, nori and crabstick. They love the meat patty and it is very easy to make. Simply mixed the meat patty with mince carrot, spring onion and garlic, seasoned according to your taste with soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper and some cornflour. Normally I'll marinate it overnight. Coat the meat patty with egg and breadcrumb before fry. You may wrap some cheese in the meat patty and it taste heavenly :P

Other than meat patty, there are pork floss sushi, scallop beancurd, tamagoyaki, broccolli and strawberries. Can you imagine this is for their morning break in the school? What a heavy breakfast ya! :)

A closer look of the Doraemon........

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bento #36 ~ Two Greedy Bear ~

Today I make two greedy bears for the girls. Two greedy bears for two greedy girls....hahaha :P 

I coloured the rice with pink rice deco and the ears are chikuwa. Wrapped some rice with nori for the nose and complete the details with nori, crabstick and tomato sauce.

Add some air-fried cornflakes fish fillets, steamed scallop beancurd and our usual fruits grapes and strawberries in the bento.

Are these bentos enough for the girls? Of course not, I've make extra bento for each of them which is not in the picture. So each of them will have two bentos, greedy huh? Hahahaha........ 

Monday, 22 April 2013

Bento #35 ~ Hornbill Bird / UBAH Bird ~

Today I make a hornbill bird for the girls. This hornbill bird is a mascot for one of the election party in Malaysia for year 2013. We called this bird as UBAH bird. I find it very cute so make one for them. 

Below the the bird is sandwich with cheese, chicken floss and fried egg. Add some grapes and strawberries to complete the meal.

Hope you will like this UBAH bird :)

A closer look of the bird......

Thursday, 18 April 2013

A Non Bento Post ~ Roasted Pork ~

I've bought an Airfryer on last month and wanted to try it out with different recipes. Today I make the roasted pork (烧肉)and it turns out very good! No special ingredients for this, I just marinate the belly pork with five spice seasoned (五香粉)and salt. Marinate it overnight. Remember to poke the pork rind before airfry. Airfried for 30 mins using 200deg. For bigger size pork, you may airfried for another 10 mins using 180deg.

And here is the roasted pork. Simple and yummy! :)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bento #34 ~ Panda Bento ~

Today I make panda onigiri. The panda is fast and easy as I'm using panda rice mould and seaweed puncher. Add two small rice balls for the paws and decorate with nori. Other than onigiri, there are Gyoza (Japanese dumpling), air-fried chicken nuggets, broccoli, and our usual strawberries and grapes. And some tomato sauce in the panda sauce cup.

The panda is saying hello to you, have a great day! :)

This is the panda rice mould and seaweed cutter that i used.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Bento #33 ~ Bear Onigiri ~

Today I use the Hello Kitty bento box that I've bought quite some times but never use before :P Yesterday tidied up my bento stuff only I realized that I have many bento boxes which are not use before. Some still wrapped in the box :P Hmmm.......got to open and use oh....:D

Today make bear onigiri for the girls, bear is coated with bonito flakes. The ears are air-fried meat balls and nose is made of quail eggs and nori. In the bento, there are air-fried meat balls, seaweed tamagoyaki, brocolli, strawberries and grapes.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Bento #32 ~ Bunny Sushi ~

Today I make bunny sushi for the girls. Initially wanted to make bear for them end up it looks like bunny. Hmm....maybe because of the big ear. So bunny then. Lol!

Make four bento for girls as they stay back till 2.30pm. Another two is just simple bento with not much deco. Other than bunny sushi, I use the balance rice to make another pork floss sushi, air-fried some potato prawns, scallop beancurd, some grapes and strawberries. This should be enough for my big eaters! :)

A closer look of the bunny......

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bento #31 ~ Froggy Bento ~

This week is gonna be another busy week for me as my hubby is away for business trip again. Today wake up with no idea what to do for the bento. Luckily I've kept some egg sheets in the fridge, so quickly use cutter to make 2 pairs of cute frogs for the girls. Eyes and mouth are cheese and nori with crabstick for the cheek. In the bento, there are onigiri with grilled salmon fillings, scallop beancurd, some grapes and strawberries and I've also packed banana for them.

Hmm.......it seems that the frog is too small, slightly bigger will be nicer :)

Monday, 8 April 2013

Bento #30 ~ Hello Kitty Sandwiches ~

This bento is done on last Sunday for Little A afternoon break. Make two Hello Kitty using cheese decorate with nori and ribbon picks. Carrot bread with strawberry jam and grapes. Simple and quick bento with all her favorites! ^_^

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bento #29 ~ Bee Sushi Bento ~

Today I make bee sushi for the girls. I mix the rice with some sushi mix that I bought at my local supermarket and let it cool down first. Take a portion of rice and mix with mashed egg yolk to have the yellow colour for the bee. Roll the yellow sushi first then follow by the white part, decorate the eyes and body with nori and dabbed a little bit of tomato sauce on the cheek. I've make another cucumber sushi roll which cannot be seen from the photo as I've hide it under the bee :). Add some air-fried homemade vege meat balls and grapes in the bento and that's it!

The girls love to eat sushi even Little A loves too! 

I loves to make sushi, it is fun! Will try to make other character sushi. :)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bento #28 ~ Cute Caterpillar Bento ~

Today I make the caterpillar sandwiches for the girls. Saw this cute caterpillar on a bento book so decided to make for the girls.

I'm using hotdog bread for the caterpillar, sliced it and add the tuna, cheese and cucumber, air-fried home made vege meat balls and some grapes.

Same bento for the girls but one of the bento is more cheese less cucumber and it is for my niece as I worried she doesn't like cucumber. 

Monday, 1 April 2013

Bento #27 - Easter Bunny

It's Monday, start school again........A week holiday is too short for me and my kids. This school holidays we didn't enjoyed much as mummy is not feeling well for a whole week. Hmm....waiting for the next holidays.......

Today's post was the bento that I made yesterday for myself. A very first bento for myself.....hehe. Yesterday was Easter Sunday, Little A is not feeling well whereas Big E and daddy went out. Left me at home with Little A. While Little A is taking her nap, i made this lunch bento for myself. A simple bunny onigiri looking out for the Easter eggs. Stir-fried broccoli and tamagoyaki with basil leaves, some grapes and a bowl of piping hot fish soup to complete the meal.

And here is the Easter bunny :)