Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Update, update, update! (Bento #125 ~ #132)

Have been so busy lately and I still have so many posts to update. I think I couldn't make it to post them one by one so now I'm gonna post all the bentos and foodart together in two posts. Very short cut huh?! Lol.

For this post, I'm gonna share all the bentos that I've made for the past few weeks :D

1) Little Tiger Cub!

The little cub is made from egg sheet, pink kamoboko for the nose, egg white and seaweeds for the rest.

2) Mr. Happy!
I remember this bento is specially made for Little A. She woke up and request to bring bento to school so I made a quick bento for her. She finished the whole bento.

Simple Mr. Happy is made from barbecue flavored cheddar cheese and seaweed.

3) Mother's Day Bento - Lucy and Snoopy
Snoopy : Flowers for me?
Lucy : Stop dreaming Snoopy! The flowers are for all wonderful moms out there! :D

4) Pooh and Piglet Onigiri

5) Little Girl Bento

Minced meat for the hair, egg sheet for face, imitation crabsticks for cheek and flower, seaweeds for the eyes and mouth. 

6) My Neighbor Totoro

7) Little A!
This little girl in the bento is Little A but when Little A saw the bento she said the girl doesn't looks like her because she does not have any eyebrows! Lol!

8) Pluto!
Bento for Little A!

Hope you like my bento creations. Will post another post for my food art! ^_^

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