Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bento #134 ~ #138

Haha, summary again :P Sharing here my bentos for the month of June :)

Bento #134 - Rilakkuma or Little Red Riding Hood
Made this bento for Little A, she said  "oh mummy, Rilakkuma become Little Red Riding Hood? Rilakkuma is a girl? Lol! 
Rilakkuma was rice mixed with teriyaki sauce with nori and cheese for the details. Added wax paper for the red hood. In the bento, there are tamogoyaki, gyoza and grapes

Bento #135 - Kiiroitori
Tamago sushi for Little A's dinner, added nori and carrot and transformed it to Kiiroitori! 

Bento #136 - Two Little Kittens
A speedy bento that I finished everything within 25min including cooking and decorating......because mummy was overslept :P

Bento #137 - Fuleco, mascot of 2014 FIFA World Cup 
Made this Fuleco, mascot of 2014 FIFA World Cup. Fuleco, is a cute little armadillo that will rolls up into the shape of a ball when threatened. Who will be the winner for 2014 FIFA World Cup?? :D
The Fuleco is made of cheese and egg sheets (mixed with food colourings).

Bento #138 - Little Panda
Oh, I'm soo sleepy and my eyes are just like this panda! Lol!
Rice onigiri for the panda with nori and kamaboko for the details. 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Bento #133 ~ Korilakkuma ~

This bento is for Little A. This little firiend of mine said "I want only bread, nutella, cheese and grapes in my bento!" Mummy replied " Can I add seaweed for the eyes and nose?" She replied "Sure!" Lol!

So this is the bento with only bread and nutella spread, cheese and seaweed for the details and lastly her favourite fruits, grapes. :D

I make simple Korilakkuma for her!

*She finished everything  but not in the school, she finished it in the car. lol!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Last month, I made quite a few foodarts mainly for Little A's lunch / tea breaks during weekends. Little A is a girl with lots of imaginations and comments. She will comment every foodart or bento that I've made. Loves her comments always as it is so cute to me :)

1) Keroppi 
Little snacks for Little A tea break, bread with pandan kaya (coconut egg jam) and nori for the details. Served with a cup of homemade soy milk. 

2) My Melody, pink soba
Using pink soba to make My Melody, Little A's loves food in bite size which is easier for her to eat and she can finished the food very fast. So I made these small little My Melody for her lunch.

3) Totoro, deco steam cake 
First attempt on making the deco steamed cake, I tried out the recipe from Little Miss Bento .Loves her recipes very much, it is easy and yummy.

4) Rilakkuma and Friends, noodles
Using Mee Poh (thick noodles) to make these Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma. Scrambled eggs for Kiroitori. Again it is in bite size for Little A :)

5) Busy Bees
A toast art using quail eggs for the bees. I soaked the quail eggs in the turmeric water and the quail eggs turn to lovely yellow colour just nice for me to transform them into bees. Place them on the cheese and added nori for the details.

6)  Baby Pooh
Make another nori cutting, lazy me make the baby Pooh so big, easier for me to cut...lol!

7) Mini dumplings
This foodart is to celebrate Duanwu Festival / Dragon Boat Festival. On this day, we will eat glutinous rice dumpling. I don't know how to make the glutinous rice dumpling but I love to eat :P So I make my own version of  mini rice dumplings with different fillings.

Hope you enjoy my foodart! ^_^

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Update, update, update! (Bento #125 ~ #132)

Have been so busy lately and I still have so many posts to update. I think I couldn't make it to post them one by one so now I'm gonna post all the bentos and foodart together in two posts. Very short cut huh?! Lol.

For this post, I'm gonna share all the bentos that I've made for the past few weeks :D

1) Little Tiger Cub!

The little cub is made from egg sheet, pink kamoboko for the nose, egg white and seaweeds for the rest.

2) Mr. Happy!
I remember this bento is specially made for Little A. She woke up and request to bring bento to school so I made a quick bento for her. She finished the whole bento.

Simple Mr. Happy is made from barbecue flavored cheddar cheese and seaweed.

3) Mother's Day Bento - Lucy and Snoopy
Snoopy : Flowers for me?
Lucy : Stop dreaming Snoopy! The flowers are for all wonderful moms out there! :D

4) Pooh and Piglet Onigiri

5) Little Girl Bento

Minced meat for the hair, egg sheet for face, imitation crabsticks for cheek and flower, seaweeds for the eyes and mouth. 

6) My Neighbor Totoro

7) Little A!
This little girl in the bento is Little A but when Little A saw the bento she said the girl doesn't looks like her because she does not have any eyebrows! Lol!

8) Pluto!
Bento for Little A!

Hope you like my bento creations. Will post another post for my food art! ^_^

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Bento #124 ~ Miffy

Miffy is here! :D A simple and quick bento for Big E. Miffy is made of hanpen (Japanese fish cake) using rabbit cutter to cut out the shape, add nori for the details. 

In the box, there are stir-fried lotus root, inari and strawberries! 

Miffy is holding her favourite carrot! :D

Friday, 16 May 2014

Food Art ~ Totoro is reading?

Oh no, oh no, so sorry that I've been so long not updating my blog......have been busy with my work......I still have so many posts to update, hopefully can update all the posts as soon as possible. For latest bento, please follow me on my instagram, you can find the icon at the side of the blog :D

Today, I'm sharing the food art that I made on last month. April 23 is World Book Day and I made a reading Totoro for Big E. Big E laughed so happily when she saw the reading Totoro, I remembered she said "mummy I didn't know that Totoro knows how to read and he looks so hardworking! Lol!

Totoro is made of rice mixed with black sesame powder, add nori and cheese for the details and air-fried spaghetti strips for the whiskers. The book is made of carrot. Big E had yakitori and big red juicy strawberries for her meal.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Bento #123 ~ Baby Pooh in the egg?

Big E requested for cold somen to bring to school. Ah, that is pretty easy for me, just have to cook the somen and mix the sauce! Fast and easy! Since I still have some time, I made a baby pooh using mashed potato and place the baby Pooh in the hard-boiled egg as eggshell! Big E saw the bento and asked "mummy, how come the baby Pooh is in the egg shell? I replied "mummy, also don't know....hahaha".

Packed the bento in my favourite Japanese doll bento box! :D